City of Possibilities


Live Mural at the Esplanade Bridge

The theme of Archifest 2017 was 'Building Agency', which saw people and communities empowered as active Agents of Change in the making of our urban environment. Embracing Singapore as a city which embodies the idea of 'Passion Made Possible', this mural created during the Archifest Ubran Mural: LIVE! workshop held on the weekend of Children's day, tells the story of two important Agents of Change, passion and our children. 

Members of the Public came together with artists and volunteers to conceive this 'City of Possibilities', a fantastical piece set to inspire our children to dream big, embrace their passion and shape the city with their stories.

The project was made possible with the following agents of change, 

Participants of Archifest Ubran Mural: LIVE! workshop

Together with: 

Young Architect's League (Singapore Institute of Architects), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Mural Lingo

Supported by: 

ARCHIFEST, National Parks, Civic District