Art Walk Little India

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A Sailor's Guide to Little India

‘A sailor’s guide to Little India’ was a tribute to the rich Indian culture in Little India and other cultures that harmoniously share the space. Through the set of information gathered from research on little India, our team created a fabled map guiding sailors traveling across the sea towards the little India Island.

Influential and inspirational cultural landmarks, artworks and architecture were depicted in various segments of this imaginative map. The notion of cartography and identity were amongst the primary subject matters explored through the work. 

The project was conceptualised by A'shua Imran who worked with over 20 artist assistants to complete the mural in 11 days. The journey of these ‘voyagers’ is conceived to express the artist’s visions of our ancestors, who had taken similar voyages from India and other parts of the world to Singapore, in search of utopia.  A’shua Imran envisions our ancestors’ voyage to Singapore. The mural is designed from the perspective of an Indian sailor viewing the map and expresses the artist’s visions of our ancestors, who had taken similar voyages from various other parts of the world to Singapore in search of utopia.



Commissioned for: 'ARTWALK Little India' , As part of the Singapore Art Week 2018

Organised by: LASALLE College of the Arts and Singapore Tourism Board (STB),

With the support from: Little India Shopkeepers’ and Heritage Association (LISHA).

Concept by: A'shua Imran | Painted by: Mural Lingo & Crew

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