Break the Silence

Break the Silence” was a community collaboration between various social service agencies - Whampoa Family Service Centre, Beyond Social Services & Family Violence Networking Workgroup - (that comprises of hospitals, police and other Voluntary Welfare Organisations in the Tanglin division) in the community and Mural Lingo.

As part of outreach efforts to raise awareness about Family Violence and to encourage the youths in particular to be active ambassadors of the message that 'Violence is Not OK' and that we can all be lifelines to promote safe families, schools and neighbourhoods. Artists from Mural Lingo collaborated with social workers in engaging youths (upper primary and secondary level) known to Beyond Social Services to facilitate discussions about how they can build safer families, schools and neighbourhoods - through 4 x creative sessions. Artistic tools such as painting, illustrating and crafting, were used as a fun and safe way to draw these conversations from the youths. 

Through the conversations, Mural Lingo co created a social painting installation that was displayed during the Outreach Event at Whampoa CC on 12 November 2017, inviting visitors to complete the paintings while raising awareness about 'family violence'. There were a projected crowd of 2000 pax during this half day roadshow.

This outreach event was an initiative by the Family Violence Regional Networking Workgroup comprising of social service professionals, Police and Healthcare professionals committed to addressing family violence issues within the Tanglin Division.