Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Mural Lingo has adopted the unique approach of facilitating CSR projects for corporations - large or small - that wish to make positive change, particularly to the causes their stakeholders feel passionately about. It is through collaborative efforts such as these seemingly simple goals that we can turn our society into a more caring and loving one.  

Over the past years, we have successfully organised and facilitated CSR projects for DBS, Dow Jones, Johnson & Johnson's, MAYBANK, OCBC, SingTel, Singapore Pools and Temasek Holdings.

OCBC CSR Mural @ MINDS Clinic Eunos, Singapore (2017)


Dow Jones CSR Mural @ Mountbatten Vocational School, Singapore (2017)


Johnson & Johnson's CSR Mural @ MINDS Woodlands Garden School, Singapore (2018)


Singapore Pools CSR Mural @ Children's society, Singapore (2018)


OCBC CSR Mural @ MINDS Faber, Singapore (2018)


MAYBANK CSR Mural @ MINDS Napiri, Singapore (2018)


DBS CSR Mural @ Lions Befrienders, Senior Activity Center, Singapore (2018-2019)


Temasek Holdings @ Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Singapore (2018)


KPMG Singapore, Team Building Mural (2018)