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Echoes is an interactive wall mural comprising of painting, visual projections, sound and 3D plaster reliefs. Applying the bold and distinct yet playful colour palette of Google to the notion of cartography that was used as the anchor of this mural, we developed an original design that invites viewers to take in and experience a selection of iconic scenes in the city through a multi-sensory encounter. By capturing the sights and sounds of our tropical modern city, we hope to communicate the living-breathing state of our environment and its influence on the thoughts, emotions and actions of its inhabitants. 

The development of the project was inspired and moulded by humankind’s divided relationship between the modern and manmade ‘concrete jungle’ that it finds itself in, and the natural environment that it finds itself increasingly distanced from. Many of us city-dwellers try to reconcile our perceived severed connection with nature, having forgotten the simple truth that we are inseparable from it - having been born from nature - that we are mere reflections and echoes of our environment, and vice versa.