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Broadrick Secondary School – Team building workshop x educational mural

Mural Lingo Academy, our educational arm, focuses on developing new paradigms in social learning and education where creativity is encouraged to be integrated to our daily lives. Considering how Singapore is deemed an active "art hub", there are countless activities and shows pertaining the arts happening all year round but most schools and students are not holistically involved or even feel the need to be. We cannot deny or shy away from the notion of how the world is moving at such blistering speed and that we need to move with it and so, does Art education. Especially Art education.

Conclusively, involving students and being pro-active in engaging and collaborating with communities outside of schools can not only add value to a student with a unique set of skill(s), but it will inculcate one to be a world ready youth. No matter how piffling. The focus should be the way in which we hope to capture the aforementioned. Perhaps it might start with a mural.

Attached here is the documentation from our team building mural workshops with students from Broadrick High School.

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