Mural Lingo Juniors is an extension of Mural Lingo that is dedicated to the little ones. As an independent art platform, we believe that art is imperative to a child’s learning and development. We offer workshops that serve as a platform for them to express their creativity in ways that are environmentally conscious and impactful to their growth. Our workshops are heavily based on the use of colours as it carries critical importance in the development of the cognitive and motor skills of the children.

Our Mission

We are committed to expand and challenge the child’s creative process whilst providing quality education that will inspire them to be confident in their artistry. We strive to aid in the child’s creative learning and development through the use of colours in an environmentally conscious manner.

“Prawn Fish Moon” , A Children’s Novel by Mural Lingo

“Prawn Fish Moon”, A Children’s Novel by Mural Lingo

Children-themed Murals

Children-themed Murals


Our Workshops

Mural Painting

Natural Pigment & Painting

Colour Dough Workshop

Puppetry Workshop