Project EDEN

Project EDEN was initiated to empower autistic students by facilitating a mural art workshop where they learn about the basics of mural painting at their school. The development of this pilot program was to encourage more schools and centres for autistic people to impart the skills of wall painting to their students. The main people involved in the project were the teaching staff from Eden School, the students and the artists. Mural Lingo offered full creative support and co-sponsored the project to match the grant received from Life Long Learning Institute, Singapore.

On 29th June 2017, we had a meeting with the school’s principal, and art teacher to discuss the possibilities of having a mural painted at their premises and involving students in the painting process. We were interested in having the students learn skills that are transferrable to real life situations, such as learning to paint a wall. However given the nature of the students who have autism and learning difficulties, we were required to plan a system where they could learn the steps required for such a task, one at a time.

As the students were visual learners and communicators, a series of instructional images or videos were required to be developed to better facilitate their learning and take them through the steps. Through the guidance of the teachers, we facilitated the workshops in a systematic manner in an orderly environment and complete the program successfully over 4 weekly sessions between February - March 2018.

**The instructional documents attached below are free for download and use**