A Migrant Mural

A Migrant Mural – Art for Social Change

From the 16th to the 19th of March, 2017, students and staff of the National University of Singapore (NUS) were invited to pick up a paintbrush on their way to/from class and fill in an empty spot of their choice on a 2.0 x 2.4 metre plywood structure in Town Plaza, University Town. As the days progressed, more people coloured the outlines in, and a pastel mural took form. Though it only took 4 days for the mural to adopt full colour, the Migrant Mural is a collaboration that has been underway since November 2015. The piece was conceptualised by Yati, WiWi, Dipu, Glory-Ann, and Nora – five migrant workers from various demographics who spent a couple of Sundays with A’shua Imran (Artistic Director) and Martha Adelia (Designer) – artists from Mural Lingo, and Deesha Menon – the head of this event.

Over these sessions, they read their poetry, shared stories from home, spoke about what was important to them, and expounded on their experiences as migrants in a nation that regards them as merely transient. The result is a mural that aims to reflect these migrant workers, both in spirit and identity, amongst various other things that make them far more than just fleeting workers. The idea was to leverage on art, as a blatant visual form, to speak to people in ways that academia often cannot. Be it a single brushstroke or an afternoon’s worth of painting, we all have a part to play when it comes to incorporating migrant identities into our physical environment and collective consciousness.

 Our project featured in The Straits Times, Singapore

Our project featured in The Straits Times, Singapore

 Initial meeting with the workers at NUS (National University Singapore).

Initial meeting with the workers at NUS (National University Singapore).

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Educational Programs

Broadrick Secondary School – Team building workshop x educational mural

Mural Lingo Academy, our educational arm, focuses on developing new paradigms in social learning and education where creativity is encouraged to be integrated to our daily lives. Considering how Singapore is deemed an active "art hub", there are countless activities and shows pertaining the arts happening all year round but most schools and students are not holistically involved or even feel the need to be. We cannot deny or shy away from the notion of how the world is moving at such blistering speed and that we need to move with it and so, does Art education. Especially Art education.

Conclusively, involving students and being pro-active in engaging and collaborating with communities outside of schools can not only add value to a student with a unique set of skill(s), but it will inculcate one to be a world ready youth. No matter how piffling. The focus should be the way in which we hope to capture the aforementioned. Perhaps it might start with a mural.

Attached here is the documentation from our team building mural workshops with students from Broadrick High School.

Infographic educational.jpg








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Break the Silence

Break the Silence” was a community collaboration between various social service agencies - Whampoa Family Service Centre, Beyond Social Services & Family Violence Networking Workgroup - (that comprises of hospitals, police and other Voluntary Welfare Organisations in the Tanglin division) in the community and Mural Lingo.

As part of outreach efforts to raise awareness about Family Violence and to encourage the youths in particular to be active ambassadors of the message that 'Violence is Not OK' and that we can all be lifelines to promote safe families, schools and neighbourhoods. Artists from Mural Lingo collaborated with social workers in engaging youths (upper primary and secondary level) known to Beyond Social Services to facilitate discussions about how they can build safer families, schools and neighbourhoods - through 4 x creative sessions. Artistic tools such as painting, illustrating and crafting, were used as a fun and safe way to draw these conversations from the youths. 

Through the conversations, Mural Lingo co created a social painting installation that was displayed during the Outreach Event at Whampoa CC on 12 November 2017, inviting visitors to complete the paintings while raising awareness about 'family violence'. There were a projected crowd of 2000 pax during this half day roadshow.

This outreach event was an initiative by the Family Violence Regional Networking Workgroup comprising of social service professionals, Police and Healthcare professionals committed to addressing family violence issues within the Tanglin Division. 


City of Possibilities


Live Mural at the Esplanade Bridge

The theme of Archifest 2017 was 'Building Agency', which saw people and communities empowered as active Agents of Change in the making of our urban environment. Embracing Singapore as a city which embodies the idea of 'Passion Made Possible', this mural created during the Archifest Ubran Mural: LIVE! workshop held on the weekend of Children's day, tells the story of two important Agents of Change, passion and our children. 

Members of the Public came together with artists and volunteers to conceive this 'City of Possibilities', a fantastical piece set to inspire our children to dream big, embrace their passion and shape the city with their stories.

The project was made possible with the following agents of change, 

Participants of Archifest Ubran Mural: LIVE! workshop

Together with: 

Young Architect's League (Singapore Institute of Architects), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Mural Lingo

Supported by: 

ARCHIFEST, National Parks, Civic District

Tanjong Goodman


Social murals 

On the 8th of July 2017, we organised one of our largest 'Social Mural' event at Goodman Arts Centre's open house, 'Tanjong Goodman' . Attendees were provided a platform to co-create a mural with the guidance of our art facilitators and encouraged to disconnect from their digital devices momentarily and have real communications with the people next to them. 

Though hesitant, often due to their limited or lack of painting experience, our seasoned artists welcomed all who had even a little interest in trying their hand at mural painting. Newly minted painters were made out of children, parents and everyone in between. In a way, these individuals were made to be a part of Mural Lingo’s performance, observed by passers-by who paused to see what the group of people crowding about a wall were up to.

Often, art events are made to seem distant, drawing a line between artist and the public; represented by the little wall of paint cans. When we invite someone from the other side to join us, it becomes a social event. People chat to break the ice while painting adjacent sections; for that moment, we are on the same side of the same wall. People became less apprehensive, and more open. The fear of being a bad painter was a barrier to entry, one that slowly breaks down as the day goes by. 

Through these live events, Mural Lingo provides a social service to the community. Painting (or art making in general) either becomes cathartic or a way to transport oneself to a place where painting a clean, straight line becomes the only important task at hand. We hope such events give those who hesitate an avenue to be open, and just create.

Sailor Jerry

sailor jerry 2.jpg

Homeward Bound, Club St, Singapore

In today's media-saturated environment, it has become increasingly difficult for advertising agencies to grab the attention of their audience. Billboards and bus signs are easily ignored by the busy on-goer, and with the fast pace life of our globalised societies, there’s subsequently no time to take a second glance at the posters plastered over the city skyline. So, to put it simply, companies often need to find new and innovative methods to steal more than a glance from the public eye; they need to innovate and create campaigns that can highjack the attention of the viewer. That, in essence, is the concept of today's guerrilla marketing campaigns.

Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional form of advertising that is interactive, eye-catching and different from traditional forms of media. Originally invented by small companies with a limited advertising budget, today guerrilla marketing is applied to companies of any scale due to its impactful nature. It is far more cost effective than an average marketing operation and is able to draw a wider audience due to its zany appeal. Breaking conventional marketing barriers, creative studios like Mural lingo, are able to join the aesthetics of art with marketing to successfully carry out cost-effective guerrilla advertising campaigns.

In 2014, day workers and night crawlers alike were confronted by the towering sails of a painted ship, ‘homeward bound’, sailing across the walls of Club Street, in the heart of Singapore. This piece of art, commissioned by the Social Marketing Agency, GOODSTUPH, is a testimony to the ability of artists to provide a live and ephemeral form of marketing, which is both memorable and captivating.
The mural was commissioned as part of an advertisement campaign for Jerry Sailor Spiced Rum, on the exterior walls of Bar Naked. The painting of the mural itself required design approval from the URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) and the creative dedication of 8 artists, over a period of 8 days.

With premium quality paints and preparation, these murals can last for as long as 10 years without fading or incurring any damage. In this sense, it is a consistent medium with more aesthetic and temporal value than conventional advertising. It’s elegance and form creates a more dynamic atmosphere with its audience, and when placed in the perfect location for the product, its impact is ten-fold as compared to traditional mediums. The outreach of the campaign is multiplied when the project is presented on social media platforms with professional documentation, through photography and time-lapse video highlights.

Machan's Kitchen

@ 74 Race Course Road, Singapore


low res 1.png

@332 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore

Singapore Institute of Technology


@ 10 Dover Dr, Singapore Institute of Technology

Darts Legend @ SCAPE

@ 2 Orchard Link, Singapore

Fire Dance @ SCAPE

@ SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore

Art Walk Little India - 2018

little india island website.jpeg

A Sailor's Guide to Little India

‘A sailor’s guide to Little India’ was a tribute to the rich Indian culture in Little India and other cultures that harmoniously share the space. Through the set of information gathered from research on little India, our team created a fabled map guiding sailors traveling across the sea towards the little India Island.

Influential and inspirational cultural landmarks, artworks and architecture were depicted in various segments of this imaginative map. The notion of cartography and identity were amongst the primary subject matters explored through the work. 

The project was conceptualised by A'shua Imran who worked with over 20 artist assistants to complete the mural in 11 days. The journey of these ‘voyagers’ is conceived to express the artist’s visions of our ancestors, who had taken similar voyages from India and other parts of the world to Singapore, in search of utopia.  A’shua Imran envisions our ancestors’ voyage to Singapore. The mural is designed from the perspective of an Indian sailor viewing the map and expresses the artist’s visions of our ancestors, who had taken similar voyages from various other parts of the world to Singapore in search of utopia.



Commissioned for: 'ARTWALK Little India' , As part of the Singapore Art Week 2018

Organised by: LASALLE College of the Arts and Singapore Tourism Board (STB),

With the support from: Little India Shopkeepers’ and Heritage Association (LISHA).

Concept by: A'shua Imran | Painted by: Mural Lingo & Crew

To find out more about the project, visit http://artwalklittleindia.sg/

The Conscious Camp

‘The Conscious Camp’ project comprised of three elements: a live mural, an art workshops; and outdoor installation exhibition. The objective of the entire project was to, in line with the theme of "Re:Imagined", explore ways that art can be relooked, repurposed and redefined.


RE:IMAGINED @ Goodman Arts Center

Through the use of only recyclable and/or environmentally-friendly materials and resources, we aim to infiltrate the consciousness of visitors with the message of environmentally sustainable habits and practices that can be superimposed to the manner in which they choose to live their lives. Ultimately our goal is to contribute to achieving a greener and more environmentally conscious and sustainable Singapore. More details on the individual elements are as follows:

Live Mural Installation
For the segment of ‘Live Mural Installation’, our artists produced a live painting/illustration based on the theme of the event and similar to the key visuals of the event. 

Art workshops

A few of our artists hosted a number of creative workshops with brief demonstration on ‘how to create natural pigments from fruits’, ‘how to create a travel painting kit or musical box using old candy tins’, 'how to make your own stencils using old cardboard boxes’, ‘how to turn old books into doodle sketchbook’, and ‘how to sew old/torn cloths in creative ways’.

Outdoor installation exhibition

Our artists reimagined ordinary everyday objects and implemented this by providing them a new form and perhaps even a new function using only found and/or discarded objects for the show.

By addressing pressing environmental issues of our time, art can be used as a means of evoking dialogue and encouraging critical thinking by the visitors as they observe and/or participate in reimagining and reconstructing novel and useful pieces or tools from old, broken or stumbled upon items prevalent in everyday life. As the environment is a shared space that effects everybody operating within it, a theme of environmental consciousness has the potential to influence the public at large.

Project EDEN

Project EDEN was initiated to empower autistic students by facilitating a mural art workshop where they learn about the basics of mural painting at their school. The development of this pilot program was to encourage more schools and centres for autistic people to impart the skills of wall painting to their students. The main people involved in the project were the teaching staff from Eden School, the students and the artists. Mural Lingo offered full creative support and co-sponsored the project to match the grant received from Life Long Learning Institute, Singapore.

On 29th June 2017, we had a meeting with the school’s principal, and art teacher to discuss the possibilities of having a mural painted at their premises and involving students in the painting process. We were interested in having the students learn skills that are transferrable to real life situations, such as learning to paint a wall. However given the nature of the students who have autism and learning difficulties, we were required to plan a system where they could learn the steps required for such a task, one at a time.

As the students were visual learners and communicators, a series of instructional images or videos were required to be developed to better facilitate their learning and take them through the steps. Through the guidance of the teachers, we facilitated the workshops in a systematic manner in an orderly environment and complete the program successfully over 4 weekly sessions between February - March 2018.

**The instructional documents attached below are free for download and use**

For the Love of Paws

Earlier this year, we co-organised a social painting event with a fellow social enterprise ‘Art For Good’, for our canine and feline friends. We invited our volunteers and artists to spend a weekend painting an animal shelter. All the paints and materials were fully sponsored by Mural Lingo.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Mural Lingo has adopted the unique approach of facilitating CSR projects for corporations - large or small - that wish to make positive change, particularly to the causes their stakeholders feel passionately about. It is through collaborative efforts such as these seemingly simple goals that we can turn our society into a more caring and loving one.  

Over the past years, we have successfully organised and facilitated CSR projects for DBS, Dow Jones, Johnson & Johnson's, MAYBANK, OCBC, SingTel, Singapore Pools and Temasek Holdings.

OCBC CSR Mural @ MINDS Clinic Eunos, Singapore (2017)


Dow Jones CSR Mural @ Mountbatten Vocational School, Singapore (2017)


Johnson & Johnson's CSR Mural @ MINDS Woodlands Garden School, Singapore (2018)


Singapore Pools CSR Mural @ Children's society, Singapore (2018)


OCBC CSR Mural @ MINDS Faber, Singapore (2018)


MAYBANK CSR Mural @ MINDS Napiri, Singapore (2018)


DBS CSR Mural @ Lions Befrienders, Senior Activity Center, Singapore (2018)


Temasek Holdings @ Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Singapore (2018)


KPMG Singapore, Team Building Mural (2018)



Screenshot 2018-10-28 at 10.08.44 AM.png

Singapore Red Cross Community Mural: 70 Years of Humanitarian Service

Every element in this community mural tells a story of the myriad social services that the Singapore Red Cross provides to the country, the region and the wider global community. The visual is intended to holistically portray the homegrown humanitarian organisation’s enduring commitment to the vulnerable - the elderly, the severely disabled, the skipped generation, and those who fall through the cracks of social service - since 1949. 

 Besides its role in the national blood programe and in overseas disaster relief, which the brand is synonymous with, the Singapore Red Cross’ local humanitarian services are also depicted through illustrations that symbolise the Red Cross Home for the Disabled, Community FirstAid, ElderAid, Family LifeAid and TransportAid. Red Cross Youth and Red Cross Academy - represented by the child and the books – reflect the desire to be a centre for humanitarian studies, and the commitment to nurture humanitarian leaders of tomorrow. 

 The mural is conceptualised by artists from Mural Lingo, and jointly hand-painted by Singapore Red Cross volunteers and Singapore Polytechnic students.

About Red Cross House

The Red Cross House was designed by pioneering Singaporean architect and artist, the late Dr Ho Kok Hoe, originally as a two-storey building. It was officially opened in 1961 by the Republic’s first President, Yang di-Pertuan Negara Yusof bin Ishak, who was the Patron of the Singapore Red Cross. A third storey was added in the 1970s and the building was conserved in 2014.

“To us, the Singapore Red Cross represents the heart of our society, catalyses the best of humanity, and symbolises the blood that connects us all.” 



PSYCKAHOLICS is our body marbling partner, born of Mural Lingo’s events development programme. If you’re an event organiser looking for unique ways to engage your guests, this is an experience you don’t want to miss. Follow the upcoming events on their Instagram page or drop an email to Luke@murallingo.com to check availabilities, receive a quotation and more!

Urban Ventures @ Chinatown, Singapore


Night Festival ‘18 @ Singapore Art Museum


Keeper’s Playground @ National Design Center, Singapore


TEDx @ National Technology University, Singapore


Social Sundays @ Goodman Arts Center, Singapore



On 27 October 2018, with the help from our volunteers and artists, we painted four walls at Equal-Ark Singapore Ltd , a charity that rehabilitates youth, persons with special needs, families and the elderly with clinical depression and dementia through working with therapy horses. (www.equal.org.sg)

The project fully self-funded through our previous commissions. By engaging the services of Mural Lingo, every client directly contributes to the sustainability of our operations, development of our young artists and supporting our future community projects.