The Conscious Camp

‘The Conscious Camp’ project comprised of three elements: a live mural, an art workshops; and outdoor installation exhibition. The objective of the entire project was to, in line with the theme of "Re:Imagined", explore ways that art can be relooked, repurposed and redefined.


RE:IMAGINED @ Goodman Arts Center

Through the use of only recyclable and/or environmentally-friendly materials and resources, we aim to infiltrate the consciousness of visitors with the message of environmentally sustainable habits and practices that can be superimposed to the manner in which they choose to live their lives. Ultimately our goal is to contribute to achieving a greener and more environmentally conscious and sustainable Singapore. More details on the individual elements are as follows:

Live Mural Installation
For the segment of ‘Live Mural Installation’, our artists produced a live painting/illustration based on the theme of the event and similar to the key visuals of the event. 

Art workshops

A few of our artists hosted a number of creative workshops with brief demonstration on ‘how to create natural pigments from fruits’, ‘how to create a travel painting kit or musical box using old candy tins’, 'how to make your own stencils using old cardboard boxes’, ‘how to turn old books into doodle sketchbook’, and ‘how to sew old/torn cloths in creative ways’.

Outdoor installation exhibition

Our artists reimagined ordinary everyday objects and implemented this by providing them a new form and perhaps even a new function using only found and/or discarded objects for the show.

By addressing pressing environmental issues of our time, art can be used as a means of evoking dialogue and encouraging critical thinking by the visitors as they observe and/or participate in reimagining and reconstructing novel and useful pieces or tools from old, broken or stumbled upon items prevalent in everyday life. As the environment is a shared space that effects everybody operating within it, a theme of environmental consciousness has the potential to influence the public at large.