Sailor Jerry

sailor jerry 2.jpg

Homeward Bound, Club St, Singapore

In today's media-saturated environment, it has become increasingly difficult for advertising agencies to grab the attention of their audience. Billboards and bus signs are easily ignored by the busy on-goer, and with the fast pace life of our globalised societies, there’s subsequently no time to take a second glance at the posters plastered over the city skyline. So, to put it simply, companies often need to find new and innovative methods to steal more than a glance from the public eye; they need to innovate and create campaigns that can highjack the attention of the viewer. That, in essence, is the concept of today's guerrilla marketing campaigns.

Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional form of advertising that is interactive, eye-catching and different from traditional forms of media. Originally invented by small companies with a limited advertising budget, today guerrilla marketing is applied to companies of any scale due to its impactful nature. It is far more cost effective than an average marketing operation and is able to draw a wider audience due to its zany appeal. Breaking conventional marketing barriers, creative studios like Mural lingo, are able to join the aesthetics of art with marketing to successfully carry out cost-effective guerrilla advertising campaigns.

In 2014, day workers and night crawlers alike were confronted by the towering sails of a painted ship, ‘homeward bound’, sailing across the walls of Club Street, in the heart of Singapore. This piece of art, commissioned by the Social Marketing Agency, GOODSTUPH, is a testimony to the ability of artists to provide a live and ephemeral form of marketing, which is both memorable and captivating.
The mural was commissioned as part of an advertisement campaign for Jerry Sailor Spiced Rum, on the exterior walls of Bar Naked. The painting of the mural itself required design approval from the URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) and the creative dedication of 8 artists, over a period of 8 days.

With premium quality paints and preparation, these murals can last for as long as 10 years without fading or incurring any damage. In this sense, it is a consistent medium with more aesthetic and temporal value than conventional advertising. It’s elegance and form creates a more dynamic atmosphere with its audience, and when placed in the perfect location for the product, its impact is ten-fold as compared to traditional mediums. The outreach of the campaign is multiplied when the project is presented on social media platforms with professional documentation, through photography and time-lapse video highlights.