Tanjong Goodman


Social murals 

On the 8th of July 2017, we organised one of our largest 'Social Mural' event at Goodman Arts Centre's open house, 'Tanjong Goodman' . Attendees were provided a platform to co-create a mural with the guidance of our art facilitators and encouraged to disconnect from their digital devices momentarily and have real communications with the people next to them. 

Though hesitant, often due to their limited or lack of painting experience, our seasoned artists welcomed all who had even a little interest in trying their hand at mural painting. Newly minted painters were made out of children, parents and everyone in between. In a way, these individuals were made to be a part of Mural Lingo’s performance, observed by passers-by who paused to see what the group of people crowding about a wall were up to.

Often, art events are made to seem distant, drawing a line between artist and the public; represented by the little wall of paint cans. When we invite someone from the other side to join us, it becomes a social event. People chat to break the ice while painting adjacent sections; for that moment, we are on the same side of the same wall. People became less apprehensive, and more open. The fear of being a bad painter was a barrier to entry, one that slowly breaks down as the day goes by. 

Through these live events, Mural Lingo provides a social service to the community. Painting (or art making in general) either becomes cathartic or a way to transport oneself to a place where painting a clean, straight line becomes the only important task at hand. We hope such events give those who hesitate an avenue to be open, and just create.