About Us

The Mural Lingo Crew

A video we made on us. Here's a bit of everything we do as Mural Lingo.


Prawn Fish Moon

The book was created by the Mural Lingo crew to share our love and joy with children all around the world. The protagonist of this novel is a hybrid between a prawn, fish and a moon, born out of the crescent in Singapore’s flag, where our foundations were built. The book features an introduction of Prawn Fish Moon and it’s adventures visiting planet earth for the very first time.


Artwalk Singapore

Artwalk Singapore is a street art-focused initiative that aims to encourage constant interaction with street artworks throughout the year.

Through walking tours, there will be opportunities for conversations and discussions, something that they strongly believe is necessary for a deeper appreciation of these amazing works. The platform also strives to connect with street art practitioners to ensure that their artistic experiences and voices are authentically shared.


100th Mural Exhibition

A milestone celebration of 100 walls we’ve changed, featuring exhibits, workshops and live entertainment.


Private Commission


A video we made for the Tech Integrated Mural and a Shadow Art Installation we did for Google Singapore in 2018. The interactive mural showcased our beautiful tropical city with multiple touchpoints that activated sounds and visuals, giving the audience a multi-sensory experience that enhanced the art and took painting murals to the next level.



A timelapse video we made for the Private Commission project for BOSCH in May. The design was based on various of their products paired with vibrant colours.



A timelapse video we made for the Private Commission project for SimCorp in June. It was one of most intricate murals we've done of the Singapore skyline.



A timelapse video we made for SAFRA Tampines in April. It was one of the most rewarding murals to see completed. It took the team 5 whole days to complete.



A video we made for the Shiseido Team Building project we did in May. It was one of the largest murals we painted, measuring 20 meters.


Mediacorp x Saturday House

A timelapse video we made for Mediacorp and Saturday House in September. The design was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art style with colours extending onto the floor so everyone can become one with the mural.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Temasek Holdings x IMH

A video we made for the CSR project with Temasek Holdings for IMH (Institute of Mental Health) in January. It was one of the biggest projects as we painted a total of 10 walls.


Social Impact

A Migrant Mural

A video made by our NUS Collaborators for our Social Impact Project during Migrant Workers Awareness Week in 2017. The design of the mural that was conceptualised by 6 migrant workers from various countries and places of work, reflects their spirit and identity. The mission is to get the public's attention to enhance social acceptance and facilitate discussion about issues they face. We painted with students and staff of NUS. This project was funded by Mural Lingo and the National Arts Council.

"I want this mural to help me communicate that we are all human, we also have families and we need time for them. Our hearts are in two places." - Wiwik Triwinarsih (Indonesian helper based in Singapore)


Singapore Red Cross

A video we made for the Community project we did with Red Cross in October 2018. It was painted by volunteers of Singapore Red Cross and students of Singapore Polytechnic. This project was funded by Mural Lingo and Singapore Red Cross to celebrate 70 Years of Humanitarian Service.


Equal Ark

A video we made for the Community project we did for Equal-Ark Singapore Ltd in October 2018. We painted four walls at their charity that rehabilitates youth, persons with special needs, families and the elderly with clinical depression and dementia through working with therapy horses. This project was fully funded by Mural Lingo.


Social Events

Garden Beats Festival

A video we made for Garden Beats Festival 2019 in March. We went all out by having a Social Mural, Prawn Fish Moon booth, Natural Pigment and a Stencil Art workshop.


Ice Cream Sundays

A video we made for the Social Mural we conducted for Ice Cream Sundays' Space Disco 2 event.



WWF Singapore

A video we made for the WWF Circle of Hope Eco-Schools Art Exhibition in November 2018. We were involved in the planning and curation of artworks done by students from various primary schools all around Singapore. The exhibition recognises the influence of culture on the demand for wildlife products, the need to break the transit routes of illegal networks and to celebrate our unsung heroes at the frontline of wildlife conservation.


The Best of You

A video we made for The Best of You Exhibition at The Star Vista in July. We supported our Founder, A'shua Imran with works that addressed the inequality in the work and educational environment due to the predominant use of a mother tongue language that creates barriers and disregards those who do not speak the language. The work featured a Prawn Fish Moon mural and rope installations inspired by the Japanese art of Shibari.