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As a social enterprise dedicated to the promotion of the arts in Singapore through the creation of employment opportunities for young local artists, we provide a wide range of Mural Painting services, which include personalised team-building mural workshops for schools, government agencies and corporate clients; conceptualisation and/or facilitation of CSR Projects for corporate entities and their selected beneficiaries; art workshops; and artistic support and direction to community projects with social impact.






Mural Lingo believes in using art as a tool to raise awareness, build communication and encourage critical dialogue on important social and global issues. Through our understanding of art's potential to transform society, we aim to develop activities that strives to mould our culture and our environment. 


Private Commissions


From schools to events, homes and cafes, we've painted various murals according to the needs of our clients. Whether it’s traditional or modern, design requires attention to details. Versatility is our strength and we're trained not only in painting but also installation, interior design, illustration, mixed media and more.


Social Impact Projects

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As a registered social enterprise, we provide artistic support to selected community projects with a social impact and reinvests some of their profits into organising projects or events that has the potential to transform our society

Corporate Social Responsibility


Using the therapeutic effects of painting to improve the team building qualities of individuals is a brilliant way to foster better communication and relationships.  And a unique way to convey a company's values and objectives.


Workshops & Events


We've facilitated mural painting workshops for schools, organised art jamming sessions, 'pay as you wish' workshops, art film screening, experimental music events, artist talks and other special events at our studio. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram & Facebook for more info.

Social Murals


Mural installations make great platforms to break down social barriers and bring individuals together to engage in face-to-face conversations during live events. Call us old fashioned but we still prefer traditional forms of communication.


Everything else...


We've also offered stage design services, curated outdoor exhibitions, participated in art fairs, and develop our concepts according to the selected themes. If you something in mind that we haven't thought of, get in touch and we've schedule a date for the experiment.







"Create social change

One wall at a time."

— Mural Lingo x Crew

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