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Mural Lingo is a multi-platform studio that works at the intersection of technology and arts. At Mural Lingo, we aim to create immersive artistic experiences by using a combination of cutting edge technology and captivating mural paintings. Founded in 2014, we have worked with organisations such as Google, Red Cross, DBS, Deliveroo, Temasek Holdings, among others with whom we have developed private commissions, workshops, live events and CSR activities. As a socially and environmentally conscious enterprise, we reinvest a proportion of our profits into organising projects that encourage the use of art as a tool to raise awareness and promote critical dialogue on key societal issues. Additionally, we also play the role as the prime platform in Singapore for young artists and students alike to augment their career in the arts.






From institutions to enterprises, we've worked with an incredible range of talents.

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what we do 

We believe in using art as a tool to raise awareness, build communication and encourage critical dialogue on important social and global issues. Through our understanding of art's potential to transform society, we aim to develop activities that strives to mould our culture and our environment. 









“Create social change

One wall at a time”